Geek On The Hill


The most basic level of any storage filesystem — the place in which everything else on the hard drive lives — is commonly called the “root.” Perhaps not coincidentally, so is the administrator of a Linux or other Unix server. When acting as root, the administrator has the ability to literally anything to the system.

There’s an old geek proverb that says, “He who hacks much at root will surely kill the tree,” which is pretty much what happened to my old blog. Oh, I still have it, backed up in about half-a-dozen places, but my incessant efforts to “improve” upon the native code with my own mods and tweaks resulted in a system that had become so buggy that it just wasn’t worth saving.

Besides, I spent more time hacking it than I did writing in it, so I decided to just take it down and start a new one from scratch. And that, friends, is what you’re looking at. What it will become or where it will go, I can’t say. But it will always be whatever it is, as will I.