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The Joy of Ethanol-Free Gas

I filled up with ethanol-free 91-octane gas on the way home from the dentist. The tank was nearly empty, so there was almost no ethanol in the mix. After a few miles, I noticed that my mpg were over 50, so I snapped a picture. I snapped another one about 19 miles later, when I got home.

Average MPG 51.1. Odometer 39644 miles.

51.0 MPG. Odometer 39663 miles.

The average fuel economy during that 19-mile stretch was 51 mpg, with only moderate hypermiling.

2016 Kia Soul.
1.6 naturally-aspirated engine.
Manual transmission.
Starting elevation: 1,562 feet ASL
Destination elevation: 1,507 feet ASL


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