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Spring is Coming! I Have the Evidence Right Here!

Since I moved to the boondocks and semi-retired, I tend to measure time in terms of seasons and their associated tasks, kind of like farmers do.

One of my Spring tasks is changing the oil, oil filter, engine air filter, and cabin air filter. I do it semi-annually, in March and September. The arrival of all the items I need to do it is a sign that Spring is on the way.

Wix air filters in boxes

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil in 5-quart jug

Kia engine oil filter

I’m pretty religious about maintaining my machines. It’s actually one of the few things I’m religious about these days. Having been raised poor, I was taught to take care of my things so they’d last. It’s one of the better habits my parents instilled in me.

Being able to do most of my own vehicle maintenance, as well as fix most other things around the house, also makes me glad that I went to a vocational high school. Although I eventually did go to college and even managed to earn some nail hole covers in the process, I learned more that was actually useful in high school than I did in all my years of college.